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Summer Time is ITB Time!

Jul 14, 2016|

Summer is here, which means that the prime time for iced tea is upon us. BUNN® is the company that innovated the first commercial brewer for making tea fresh from leaves (rather than a mix), nearly four decades ago. It is appropriate then, that BUNN should continue at the forefront of innovation, as delivered via the BUNN ITB® DBC series of tea brewers.

The ITB provides operators with control, easily and efficiently. Available in three basic model types, ‘standard’, Dual Dilution, or Low Profile, each have technologically advanced features. The interface is easy to understand and use, with programming that can be done right at the front of the machine, and LCD readouts that clearly indicate the status of brewer functionality.

Tea can be brewed using Pre-Infusion and/or Pulse Brew, to ensure the flavor extraction profile that is just right for each tea and for each “audience”. The ITB has an Energy Savings mode which reduces the tank temperature during off-peak times, is BUNNLink compatible (allowing for remote diagnostics of equipment), and offers a Freshness Timer to notify when tea should be replaced for optimal taste and consistency, and a Sanitation Alert to notify when a cleaning should be performed.

The BUNN ITB DBC doesn’t just brew tea: it helps to make the most of your tea. And the ITB helps to make the best use of your time, while providing your customers with the best of iced tea experiences. Learn more at


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