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We offer beverage equipment solutions for your channel. From prototype to product launch, we keep the needs of the operator in mind to offer a channel solution that is profitable, reliable and delivers the best quality in the cup to encourage repeat business. Browse the “Help Me Choose” menu to get started on selecting a few of our recommendations. A sales consultant is always available to ensure the best fit for your serving environment.

Any beverage that plays well in the PM snack category is likely to be seen in this channel. Three-quarters of 18-to-25-year-olds in the United States say they use snack food to replace meals. In addition, the survey found that afternoon snacking beats out late night and evening snacking by 3:1. In terms of consumed beverages, water is tops (62%), while coffee and tea are the primary caffeinated beverages (13%). Variety is becoming a big theme in this channel as dining halls move to station dining, allowing students to customize both meals and beverages.

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