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Jul 2, 2013|
We just replaced a 20-plus year old Bunn drip coffee maker.  We replaced it with a VPR-VPS coffee maker, pour-over style with 2 warmers.  The dispenser (carafes) are 12-cup capacity.  If we make a smaller batch (i.e. 6 cups) will this cause a problem with the next full batch?  Our old maker would sometimes either overflow or short the next full batch.
PCK in Washington

The syphon system will work fine with a 32 ounce (half-batch) brew. I would not suggest less than that.  You biggest issue will be the short contact time with the reduced volume.  If you are grinding your coffee, you may try a slightly finer grind when brewing the half-bath or  a little more than half of the full weight.

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew