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Jul 2, 2013|

I received the above named coffee maker today. When I put in the pod drawer with no pod, it works great. When I add a homemade pod, water leaks from the sides. After talking with Bunn customer service, they said I cannot use my homemade pods, only pre-made bought commercial ones. I tried different grinds, very coarse to fine, and that did not help. I also tried 2 kinds of pods, to no avail.

So, my question is - can I not use my own pods with this machine? If not, I need to send it back pronto. Or, does Bunn make another pod drawer compatible with this machine that I could do so?

Tamaris Jeane


Sounds to me as if the flange of the pod paper is extended out under the seal, that contacts the pod drawer. By placing the home made pod, in the drawer, flat side down.  The paper flange will fold up around the pod and allow the seal to contact the drawer surface.  This should help the issue.

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew
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