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Satisfy the Staff: Tips on Office Coffee

Apr 6, 2016|

Coffee and the workplace seem to go hand in hand. Having a fresh pot of coffee throughout the day is as much a staple of the office as computers, phones and email.

To have an idea of the significance coffee plays in an office setting, check out the recently released National Coffee Association’s 2016 National Coffee Drinking Trends. According to the organization’s research, nearly 70-percent of all coffee consumed in the workplace comes from the office coffee station. Even with these high consumption numbers, over half the respondents (54-percent) said they were unsatisfied with their workplace coffee experience.

So this begs the question, how do you keep the office staff satisfied with their coffee experience during the work day? I’ve come up with five areas of the office coffee station to focus on.


When coffee is provided to an office staff there is a tendency to brew it a bit on the lighter side; this may not bring out the most robust flavor of the coffee. To achieve the Specialty Coffee Association’s “Golden Cup” taste, using anywhere from 3 ¼ to 4 ¼ ounces of coffee per half gallon of the brew size will maximize the flavor of the bean.


Coffee is one of the most individualistic beverages there is. Coffee drinkers are usually adamant about how their cup is prepared. If it is possible in your station, brewing multiple varieties of roasts (i.e.: one light and one dark) should cater to multiple members of the staff, thus enhancing their experience.


As we talked about last month, coffee is 98-percent water. In an office building, drawing water straight from the tap might affect the taste of the coffee no matter what type of roast you are brewing. Focus on providing fresh tasting and odor-free water to bring out the most potential of the bean.

Maintenance & Cleaning

You can have the best possible equipment in place (of course I suggest using BUNN) but if it is not cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, the coffee experience will suffer. Make sure to follow the guidelines provided by the equipment manufacturer for the proper cleaning and maintenance schedule. Stick to the schedule and it will ensure the best performance from your machine.

Holding Vessel & Time

How the coffee is being held and how long it is allowed to sit also plays a role in the experience. A thermal vessel will keep coffee at optimum temperature for longer periods of time. If the coffee sits in a glass decanter it will lose temperature quicker. If you have that glass server on a warming plate, it might “over cook” the coffee and a bitter taste will result. A glass decanter should be changed out for freshness more often than its thermal counterpart.

Keep in mind that a satisfied office staff is a productive one so if you have any questions about potential ideas for maximizing your office coffee station to keep your staff happy or if you’ve used methods that continue to work for you, please email me and enjoy your java!

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