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BUNN Brewers: Faster Than You Think

Jun 24, 2016|

It takes just four minutes from start to finish for you to be enjoying a perfect cup of coffee from a BUNN brewer. That is considered fast but just how fast? It takes less time for your coffee to come to life than a lot of daily life activities we believe to be fast or quick.

In less time than it takes to…

* Take a shower. Some individuals can’t start their day unless they’ve rinsed away the previous day. Well, according to, the average shower lasts eight minutes.

* Scramble an egg. Enjoying a scrambled egg before getting out of the house and on your way takes an average of five minutes according to

* Fill your bath tub with water. How many times have you said “I am going to take a quick bath”? According to Master Plumber Ken Streiff, it usually takes around 5-10 minutes to fill your bath tub depending on water pressure, size of tub and the size of pipes to the tub itself.

* Vacuum an average sized room in a house. Doing some quick cleaning before company arrives? It takes approximately 8-10 minutes to vacuum the average-sized room in a house according to

* Put gas in your car. If you’re going to “get gas and go” it’s going to take more time than you think. According to the National Convenience Store Association; the average time we spend filling the tank in a car is nearly five minutes (4:50 to be exact).

* Fall asleep. It’s often you hear people exclaim “I was asleep when my head hit the pillow” but the average time it takes a person to fall asleep is seven minutes according to Dr. Diana Walcutt on

* Iron a shirt. Looking to touch up that dress shirt before heading out the door? Be prepared to spend an average of five minutes according to the

* Wait for your fast food lunch. Consumersspend an average of just over five minutes from getting in line to receiving their lunch at fast food restaurants based on data posted by the Social Science Network.

…you will be enjoying a hot cup of coffee courtesy of your BUNN brewer.

The next time you’re growing impatient waiting for the coffee to brew, relax its going to be ready quicker than you think.






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