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Remember the Vacation Switch!

Jul 8, 2016|

So, you are going on vacation. You have remembered to stop service of your newspaper and your mail (or have recruited some trusted individual to collect these for you in your absence). You have arranged for the care of the various non-human household members. You have set the timers on various random lamps, but you have gone around the house to ensure that no lights are left on unintentionally. And all the burners on the stove are turned off.

Being the money-wise and ecologically minded person that you are, you have also gone around and unplugged all of the electronic devices that do not need to remain on. The refrigerator and freezer remain plugged in, but the TVs and computers are all unplugged, or they are at least turned off at the power bar. But, what about the BUNN coffee brewer?

There is no problem there. Anytime you are going to be gone more than a few days, it is easy enough to turn off the ‘always ready’ function on your BUNN brewer. Down on the base of the brewer (usually along the left side, as you face the front of the unit), there is a toggle switch. Flip this to the other position and you have shut off the power going into the brewer. Now you are truly “good to go”. And all you need to remember when you return, after you have turned your BUNN brewer back on, allow about fifteen minutes for the tank to fully reheat to the “on demand” brewing status, before you make that first new pot of back-home coffee.


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